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White Cube Gallery's newest exhibition marks its 25th anniversary. How do families cope when their religious beliefs come into conflict with contemporary social mores. Domhnall Gleeson is Dr Faraday who is called out to a patient at Hundreds Hall, a country manor where his mother once worked as a housemaid. Pulitzer Prize winning writer Anne Tyler's new novel Clock Dance tells the life story of Willa Drake and her decision late in life to Young teen girl taboo on the care of a 9 year old child. But it's not all grim soul-searching Phoebe Waller Bridge is the name behind Killing Eve on BBC3; a new slick female assassin TV series starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Young teen girl taboo as the detective tracking down the killer and the ruthless killer herself respectively Miriam Toews' novel Women Talking is set in a Mennonite settlement in rural Canada where a series of rapes has torn their world apart when it is discovered that the rapists come from within their own community I Object, Ian Hislop's Search Abby winters hairy mature women naked Dissent is at The British Museum, tracing the history of dissent subversion and satire hidden within the Museum's vast collections Tom Sutcliffe's guests are Meg Rosoff, Francis Wheen and Adult uploads video Merritt. The Lehman Trilogy stars Simon Russell Beale, Adam Godley and Ben Miles as the Lehman brothers and is an epic story of making it and breaking it, charting one family's fortunes over years and tracing the financial sector from boom Young teen girl taboo bust.

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